Our mission is to be the most respected private client service provider offering flexible and customized solutions to the families that we work with.

To be your preferred partner and advisor, committed to providing customized solutions to meet the needs and goals of the families for whom we act.

Delivering excellent value

Consistent, reliable and dedicated to quality and service excellence is everything that we do.   We understand what real value is and how to deliver it.   This means being a reliable partner and advisor.

Doing what is right

To us, this means more than upholding professional standards.  It means being open, honest, straightforward and fair in every interaction, whether inside our firm, with our clients or in the wider community.   We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions.

Working and growing together

Whether with clients or colleagues, we build relationships that are genuine and enduring.   We believe in teamwork, collaboration and respect.  We listen, challenge and support each other so that we, our firm and our clients, all develop, grow and succeed.

Making things happen

We are ambitious, innovative and always seeking to improve.  We encourage new ideas and believe that opportunities are there to be created and make room for people to pursue them.   We don’t sit and wait,   we explore, adapt and move forward.  

Hamilton Trust Company Limited and International Managers Bermuda Ltd. are part of Moore Global a leading accounting and consultancy network, of more than 260 independent firms with offices in 110 countries and over 30,000 dedicated people.