Why Bermuda?

Bermuda lies in the North Atlantic off the US Coast, under two hours flying time from New York and is widely recognized as a premier leisure destination. Those who are unaware of Bermuda’s international accomplishments are invariably surprised that this small island is also a substantial and highly regarded international business centre. This low profile and commitment to the highest standards has been carefully cultivated by Bermuda’s business community. It is no surprise that three quarters of the top “Fortune 500” companies are included in the companies registered in Bermuda. Bermuda is now one of the world’s leading reinsurance centres.

  • Bermuda has always enjoyed a stable conservative parliamentary democracy. Although a United Kingdom dependent territory, Bermuda is almost totally self governing.
  • The legal system is based on British Common Law and the official currency is the Bermuda dollar trading on a par with the US dollar.
  • There is minimal unemployment and Bermuda has one of the highest per capita income levels in the world having received a ranking of the highest per capita income in 2006.
  • The standard of education is high with children being prepared for entry into universities in Canada, the U.K. and the US.
  • In an era of rapid change and instability Bermuda’s record of social and political stability as well as economic growth is outstanding.

It is a unique combination of attributes that makes Bermuda a pre-eminent place to establish a trust

  • There are no income, inheritance, capital gains, gift or profit taxes.
  • There are no exchange controls, except in the case of certain Bermuda owned assets, and funds can therefore be moved in and out of the island freely.
  • A highly developed and sophisticated infrastructure of accounting, legal and banking services sets Bermuda apart from many other offshore locations. All the major accounting firms are represented on the Island.
  • Bermuda is linked into the transatlantic fibre optic cable thus providing communications which are at the leading edge of technology. Bermuda’s excellent air services and convenient time zone allow easy access to the world’s major financial centres.