Why Bermuda?

Bermuda is a 21-square-mile, self-governing British Overseas Territory, located 650 miles off the coast of the Carolinas. There are daily direct flights to London, US gateway cities and Toronto. Being in the Atlantic Standard Time zone makes it ideal for companies serving global markets.
Bermuda has a long established reputation in attracting quality business. The Island enjoys a blue-chip record of compliance with global standards and lends leadership to guiding the evolution of regulatory best practices. Treaty partnerships with nations around the world also afford Bermuda-based businesses financial advantages.  Bermuda is recognised internationally for its compliance and transparency.  The EU awarded Bermuda full equivalence with its Solvency II insurance regulatory regime; only Switzerland also enjoys that distinction.   Bermuda has 41 bilateral Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) and more than 125 multilateral treaty partners. Bermuda exchanges information with all G20 nations, European Union member states, and other OECD countries. Bermuda has implemented US FATCA and exchanges OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and OECD Country-by-Country (CBC) information with every country around the world that belongs to the OECD’s Convention.
Bermuda is an international business hub comprising numerous markets: Re/Insurance, Captive Insurance, Life and Annuity Insurance, Insurance-Linked Securities, Asset Management, Trusts and Private Client vehicles, Family Offices and other high-net-worth services, Shipping and Aviation registries, as well as newer sectors such as Fintech, Insurtech, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets businesses.
The Island has an excellent pool of resources available for first-class talent.   Auditors, Financial Advisers, Lawyers, IT Specialists, Actuaries, Re/Insurance Underwriters, Brokers, Fund Administrators, Corporate Secretaries and a full range of professional support services staff that are all available to help your business flourish.
The Island is a well-known tax-neutral jurisdiction with zero corporate, income, withholding or capital gains taxes. That said, its consumption-based tax system does levy payroll tax, import duties, social insurance, and custom duties on goods and services. These form the major component of Bermuda’s tax revenues to fund government expenditure.
With a court system dating back to 1616, the Island operates under English common law, with ultimate recourse when necessary to the UK Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Bermuda is a stable, Westminster-style parliamentary democracy.