Accounting/Management Services

International Managers Bermuda Ltd (“IMBL”) currently provides Accounting Services to a significant number of diverse trust and company structures in Bermuda. Our breadth of expertise coupled with the technical competence and knowledge of our professional team permit us to provide Accounting Services that take into consideration the broader framework of each industry under which our various clients’ businesses operate.
IMBL begins each engagement by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each client’s business and service needs. Where necessary we will provide constructive feedback and solutions on accounting functions. Our team will then formulate a plan and a budget to demonstrate how we can best direct our efforts into providing solutions to the problems a business may face. We are committed to maintaining and controlling our fees and providing value to our clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide each client with the quality service and support needed in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Annual Financial Accounting
We can make the year-end process and production of financial statements painless, ensuring all deadlines are met. Our services range from the production of financial statements for companies and trusts, either annually or periodically as required, in accordance with: US, UK, CDN, BDA or IAS GAAP, to the preparation of detailed accounting files in support of a Notice to Reader Engagement, a Review Engagement or as a basis for an Audit Opinion.

Management Accounting
The key to effective business development and sustainability is to maintain up to date financial information. We can provide monthly or quarterly management accounts to ensure your decisions are based on sound financial data. We can also prepare regular or other ad hoc data for management information purposes, including maintaining detailed computerized transaction ledgers, investment ledgers, fixed asset ledgers, general ledgers and trial balances.

We can look after all of your bookkeeping requirements.

Forecasts, budgetary controls and review
We can assist you in preparing monthly or annual budgets and forecasts, monitor actual outcomes, and highlight areas of concern in your operations. We can also monitor your cash flow, implement budgetary controls and ensure your operations are within the treasury resources.


Administration Services
We can provide you with support in the form of day-to-day administration services and local representation, including the handling of banking and commercial documentation, cash flow/treasury management control and analysis, invoicing services and related billings.

Payroll Administration
We provide an on time, accurate and flexible service, tailored to suit various payroll needs. We can manage either the entire payroll function or a portion of it including the drafting of bank instructions and preparation of employee pay slips, the preparation and submission of quarterly government tax returns and the overseeing and administration of employee benefits, such as medical insurance and pension plans.

Temporary Staffing
We can provide you with temporary staff to complete ad hoc accounting functions or projects, to supplement existing staff, to cover for extended leave or to act as a temporary financial controller.

Our other services include special investigations and forensic assignments, assistance with company formation and business plans, and support with local and international regulatory compliance. We can also assist you with the selection of other service providers and vendors.