Trust Services

Private Client Services for high net worth individuals and large families providing Trust and Corporate Administrative Services 

  • Family Office Services managing day-to-day Personal and Financial Affairs of international families

  • Individual Trust Services and Legacy Planning offering the expertise you need to effectively structure your Wealth and Estate Planning to enhance your assets.  

  • Philanthropic Planning - putting your wealth to good use

  • Private Trust Company Structures for large families with significant wealth

  • Administration of Purpose Trusts and Special Purpose Vehicles

  • International Pensions and Employee Benefit Structures

  • Protectorship of trusts

  • Corporate Services

  • Accounting and Management or Bookkeeping Services.

A trust is a legal arrangement whereby a person (the Settlor) transfers legal ownership of assets to a trustee, who then holds the assets under the terms of the trust agreement for the benefit of the beneficiaries, which may include the Settlor.   The trust concept provides estate-planning opportunities because the legal and beneficial ownership of trust property are separated.   It is important that experienced professionals carry out the planning and administration of the trust.

Trusts are more commonly used as estate and tax planning vehicles for family wealth preservation and as commercial vehicles to facilitate transactions.  However, many more purposes for the use of trusts have been developed including:

  • To enhance protection against the possible implementation of exchange controls or the seizure of assets due to nationalization or similar measures

  • To allow for the continuity and retention of family business and property

  • To hold foreign investments, patents and copyrights or insurance policies

  • For pre-nuptial arrangements and divorce settlements

  • To protect the family fortune from dissipation by less responsible family members

  • To make provisions for spouses, family, friends or charities, including broad classes of beneficiaries such as unborn grandchildren

  • To consolidate family interests in one estate planning vehicle

  • To provide protection for families or individuals seeking diversification via the transfer of a portion of their assets to an offshore jurisdiction.

Trusts are also widely used by corporations principally:

  • For securitisation transactions

  • To hold employee benefits and pension arrangements

  • For charitable purposes

  • ‚ÄčAs an escrow agent in the sale of a company.