Family Trust Services

Most estate planning professionals consider Bermuda to be one of the premier jurisdictions for families wishing to establish trusts for privately held assets including investment portfolios, shares in privately held or public companies, real estate and valuables such as art work or yachts.

Hamilton Trust Company Limited provides a broad range of services to these trusts including:

Trusteeship and trust administration

We act as trustees and provide trust administration for trusts established in Bermuda.

Fiduciary services to private company structures

We provide fiduciary administrative services, directors, registered office and company administration and secretarial services to private trust company structures established by families. We have considerable experience in this area.


We act as corporate protector for Bermuda law trusts.

Family Office Services

We act for families for whom we coordinate estate, investment, insurance and financial planning needs and deal with income requirements, real estate management and invoice settlement.